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I'm bouncing off the walls again (whoa) I'm lookin' like a fool again!

Wheee!! Fun day/night ^_^ Lesse... what did I do? hmm...

Well, Lucas came over this morning to hang out before he went to work, which was a lot of fun because, well, I always have fun when I'm with Luke ^_^ Thhheeeeeeeenn.... I went to get my haircut, which is now nice and short again (ahhhhhh~!) Though I wish the back was a bit shorter.. anyway, then I went home and called Steven to see if we were still on for seeing a movie. He said yes and eventually came to pick me up around 8:45-ish. We went to AMC, bought some tickets to see American Wedding, and then decided to go "get something to drink, something we hadnt had together in a long time"

So we go to our Starbucks ^_^ And get the same drinks we always get there together. Grande Brownie Frappachinos! W000t! Then finally went to see the movie at 9:30. It was pretty kick ass. I liked it a lot. I'd recommend it. I dont know if it is funnier then the other two movies (mainly b/c I dont remember everything from the first two) but all in all I laughed, I cried, I had to go pee, I hit my head on Stevens arm out of sheer embarassment for Stiffler. It was good ^_^

Theeeeeeen... we couldnt decide what the hell we wanted to do after that.. Steven offered to show me the studio where his band practices, but I politely declined, and we ended up going to IHOP instead ^_^

Oh- My- God- I am sooooo full. It's one of those miserable fulls too. Where it's just painful to breathe.. *wheezes* Jeezus, I need to stop eatting late. I'm gaining a bit of weight in my abdominals. I dont like that. I dont like that at all...

It was great seeing Steven tonight.. It was amazing how it we managed to keep the convo going despite the large amount of time we've spent away from each other.. His hair is long.. not as long as yours Mac, but it's longer then mine.. (but then again most people have hair that's longer then mine)

I dunno.. it was just really nice to see Steven agian.. ^_^ I wish we could hang out more often.. I like it when it's just me and him. And I like how none of my friends really know who he is.. or hang out with him like I have/do. It's just.. I dunno lol. I like how my friends are all apart of different groups. Like Mike.. who the hell would have guessed that Mike and I were good friends? Mike is apart of a TOTALLY different clique. One that you dont see me hanging around with.. like.. EVER! But Mike is one of my best friends! I like that.. ^_^

I dunno, I like how I hang out with different types of people (damn you guys are so unique...especially you Brandon... XD) I just.. like that ^_^

Anyway, Steven and I made plans to see Finding Nemo b/c he hasnt seen it yet, and doesnt know anyone that would see it with him. So I volunteered myself to go with him ^_^ I like how he's into animation and cartoons (namely Pixar movies- which are created on Macintoshes I might add! XD ) So we're probably gonna go see that sometime next week when we're both free. I'm excited ^_^

Let's see.. I'm in a writing mood tonight.. but.. I just dont know what to write about! Oh, I know. When Mac showed up tonight to return Battle Royale, he wrote my mom a note which read:

Mrs. Hall,

Please become my mom's new best friend, after I leave for Texas Tech (Aug. 23rd). It would really mean a lot to me if you did. Thanks in advance.

Mac ^_______^

And then he left a few phone numbers for my mom to get ahold of her. lol Mac's too funny ^_^

Oh! I finally got ahold of someone about the ROTC scholarship! I called today, and someone ACTUALLY PICKED UP! (I've been trying for the past week to get ahold of someone but all it kept doing was ring) But the guy I needed to talk to was not there, but I gave the receptionist my phone number and she said that he would call me back.. so that's good.

Oh man, I need sleep. I'll write more later. Night everyone!
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