Alex (morbid_me) wrote,

I was wondering if I'd get one of these..

Questions asked to me by my dear friend Brandon ^_^

1.Why don't you want to do anything with singing career-wise? You're great, and I don't want to see you give it up.

~wow.. umm.. you're the first person that's ever said something about a musical career for me (and shown an interest in me not giving it up) Well.. I dont plan on becoming a famous singer one day (though I do fantasize about it a lot- and I've been trying to write lyrics for "future songs") But.. I dunno. I plan on auditioning for the UNT choir.. and who knows maybe I'll end up being a choir director or something.. I just dont know what I want to do with my life yet, so I'm not ruling anything out ^_^

2.When are we going to go karaoke-ing to Cruisin' (without friends, so they don't hear me)?

~lol, as soon as we both get up the nerve to sing in a karaoke bar.. or we could just try and find a karaoke version on the net? Then we'll meet up and just belt out a tune and hope that it's good! lol.

3.How long have you and Lindsey known each other, and did your mom know you met online?

~Let's see... Lindsey and I have known each other since September 27, 2000 (our sophomore year) and have (obviously) still remained friends! =D Yes, mum knows that we met online (err.. pretty sure she does.. o.0) though there are a few other people who think that we were friends all along and she just moved away or something...

4.What are we going to do without each other?

~*cries* I dont know!! *huggles you and doesnt let go* I'll probably wonder around UNT babbling about you to all of my friends, and then show them the tape that you and me made for our commercial in Eco (lol) I still need to make you a copy too... Dont worry, you'll get one. And then our sexual urges (or lack there of) will be ful-filled when we see each other in the holidays!

5.Do I stress you out with my backwards, inside-out sweater?

~Yes. But in a very VERY good way! ^_~

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