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So here I am it's in my hands...

*sighs* There are some moments, where I wish I lived in Alton with Lindsey.

This is one of those moments.

College sounds so scarey.. we're all getting closer and closer to it.. ahhhhhhrrr! I dunno. I know that most of my friends will be within driving distance to home within an hour. But.. I wont have that privelage. Which is good, right? It's going to be nice... just being up there on my own. I wont be able to come home when I want to.. which, I am sure, will probably suck sometimes.. It'll be like I'm living a totally different life. Even when I look at my picture now, I dont see myself. It's like looking at a stranger..
I dont know how often everyone has an out of body experience, but I get them all the time. Mainly when I'm walking down the stairs for some odd reason o.0
Perhaps "out of body" is the wrong term. But.. it's like, I constantly question, "who the hell am I?". This flesh, this being, me- it's all.. too wierd. I am just one person in a world of people who are self centered and only do things to promote thier own lives (myself included). Of course, not everyone is like that 24/7- but.. we all have our moments.
I have no idea at what I'm getting at here. And if you have any idea what the hell I'm talking about then please tell me.

College will be fun. I just wish I knew what I wanted to major in...

Karen did so awesome at Tae Kwon Doe in Austin! She kicked some major ass (litterally)! Let's see... she recieved a bronze in her patterns (this was out of like.. 10 kids who were also green belts) and she got a gold in sparing! w00000t! (this was out of 5 kids) She kicked the first girls ass. Actually, the girl got like, one point on Karen, but karen just kicked her in the head.. twice XD And won that match.

I guess I should explain the point system huh?
Ok, you get 2 points for kicking someone in the head
one point for punching them in the chest
minus one point for punching them in the face
minus X amount of points for hitting them below the waist
And a disqualification if you make the other person bleed.

Ok, so they're given two minutes to Spar, and whoever gets to 4 points first, or whomever has the most points at the end of two minutes, wins!

So karen kicks the girl in the head twice (it's amazing how high she can get her legs up 0.0 most of the time they were too high and went over the kids head) Then this boy and a girl spared, and she punched him in the face and made him bleed- so she was disqualified. Then the boy spared Randy (a boy in Karens class) and they tied with 0 points. So they spared again, and whomever got the first point won. So the boy won again, and they made Karen get up to fight him. Karen kicked him in the head twice, and won the match! lol HORRAY! The boy didnt even land a punch on her.

I was getting so excited on the sidelines. I was like, "KICK HIS ASS KAREN!!! GET HIM! KICK HIM! KICK HIM IN THE HEAD!! HAAAAA!!!" And when she won I was squealing and bouncing up and down XD I'm so proud of her. She's so good at this. I love watching her do her patterns. She's so clean and crisp, and shows a lot of power. It's awesome. And she doesnt even look phased or anything.. She's all business. Like me when I still played volleyball..

Ahh memories.. I still miss it sometimes.. I dunno.. maybe it's because volleyball was something I was good at.. something I would get so into, and so serious with. Nothing mattered when you were playing. It didnt matter who was watching you, or what was going on with your life outside the court. It didnt matter what was for dinner that night, or if that certain someone would call. I just.. played. And I loved playing. I loved getting bruises and diving for the ball and spiking it. I loved the fact that I could jump higher then most of the players on my team lol. Too bad my hight came to my disadvantage.. Except for in the back court I guess.

What the hell happened to it all? When did it start going bad? When did it stop being fun for me? *sighs* Jess, maybe you know what the hell I'm talking about. I have no idea if you miss it every now and then or not.. Most of the time I dont miss it. I guess it's only when I go into a high school gym and see the schools volleyball record and all of the signs supporting the team.

I'm getting all sappy.

*sighs* Alright, I think I'm gonna go now. Probably call Mac or something. Make him eat korean food with us.
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