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"Take this, and dont give it to ANYONE! RUN! RUN!!"
I take the object and turn around.. THUNK


*eyes grow wide, turns over in bed, now facing the ceiling*

*hears shuffleing noises outside her window* .....

*peeks through the blinds and sees a car she doesnt recognize. Lets go of the blinds*


*walks into dad's office and looks through the curtains in there. See's Amanda walking to the car*

*whistles for Amanda and lets her inside*

and that was my morning!!
You freakin' scared the crap out of me dude!

I had just fallen asleep two hours prior to the throwing of dirt at my window, and now, here she was at my house at 6 AM!!

I actually found the whole situation quite amusing once my heart rate went down. And to tell you the truth, I really didnt mind her coming over at all. I just wish she did it when I was still awake at 4 AM...

oh yeah dude, mum found your cup of coffee... lol. I told her that you showed up at 6 AM.. She laughed.

Anyway, my day my day... my day was full of sleep. ^____^ Lucas called from work and asked if I could pick him up at 3. So I did, and we went to grab some food. After food we hung out at my house for about an hour, then mum called and asked if I could pick up Karen. So we went to the daycare, got Karen, then went back to my house so Karen could get some money for hair dye. Proceeded to Sally's Beauty Supply, bought the goods, then went to Target and looked around while Lucas bought a new belt! lol.

Went back to my house, Karen and Mum went to Tae Kwon Doe.. Lucas and I chilled some more, went to his house, ate pizza, and watched some anime about a maid who use to fight crime (she's an android- gotta love anime, right?) We were gonna meet up with the rest of the group and go to Tinseltown to see Pirates of the CariBBean, but stuff happened and they decided that they were just gonna go to someone's house and watch a movie. Well, Lucas and I still wanted to see a movie, so we left for the theaters to see the 10:45 showing of Pirates of the Caribbean. Arrived at Tinseltown, and found out that there was no 10:45 showing... and saw The Leauge of Extraordinary Men, which actually prooved to be a good watch. Dr Jeckle/Mr Hyde was my favorite! ^_______^

Thhhheeeeeennnn... went back to Lucas' house to find Keith in the front yard.. Turns out that Rachel Napp and umm.. Rutherford (sp?- is this even the right guy?) had been there before and left a toilet paper wrapper in their front yard. Well, seeing as Keith is kinda like me and stays up all freakin night, he heard them. I dunno if he scared them off or what, but they left.

Ok, storytime! Ever since Lucas became drum major, these 3 chicks ( i think) have been trying to wrap his house all year. They did it to the other two drum majors and Lucas is the only one they havent gotten away with. Which, in my opinion, is rather expected, b/c Lucas and his family are ... rather prepared in case of an attack... In other words, they have a lot of luck, and manage to stay up late on the right nights. It's kinda funny, scuz the first time it ever happened Lucas' dad was involved lol. It's just funny to watch Lucas and Keith work out a plan of action. yeah.. definately the wrong people to mess with... They're just crazy like that I guess! XD

Anyway, they ended up coming back! that was a funny sight. Rutherford drives a Saturn, and when Keith picked it out, it had already driven half way down the street. Once they realized that we were outside, they quickly put the car in reverse and backed all the way down out of the street. lol. It was funny. So the three of us are chillin outside, Keith then goes in to get his paintball gun (well, a realistic looking toy gun, with paintball pellets.) and the three of us wait some more. They come back again (about 5-10 minutes later) and actually roll up to us and say that they were actually gonna steal their band sign.

Lucas: oh. You cant do that.
Rachel: Why not?
Lucas and Keith: Because our parents chained it down!
Me: *laughs at the irony*
Rutherford: are you serious?
Keith: yup!
Lucas: Ever since last year when those people were going around stealing JV lawn signs, our parents decided to pad lock it down..
Me: I remember that happening...

All in all, a fun night! lol. *sighs* Alright, I must be off. Rather tired...
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