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Ok, I just realized that Lindsey had these pictures on-line, So I'm posting a few! (in the order of which they happened)

Me and Lindsey in front of the arch, this was before we went inside.

This is us acting goofy inside the waiting area to get onto the "pods" to take you up to the arch (this is actually underground). Inside was like.. a little museum/tourist shop/waiting area.. Lindsey and I ended up sitting down on the floor in the museum half of the place, where we talked about random things and what not for about an hour untill it was our turn to ride the pods to the top of the arch. It was fun ^_^

This is us inside the Arch looking out at all the tiny little people-ants! The arch, in my opinion, kicked ass! I dont think Lindsey was too thrilled about being there though lol.

This is us at the Spaghetti FACTORY not warehouse... We were both crammed in this chair and started goofing off with the light shade, scuz it was in our faces. We were all, Ooohhh.. Loookit! I'm inside the lamp shade! And her mum just so happened to catch us and take our picture lol.

Us waiting for our meal at the Spaghetti Factory. I'm making a star with my straw wrapper... lol ^_^

Tis All for Now! I still have to get my roll of film developed... So once I get that done, I'll send them to her for her to post on the net! She doesnt know that yet.. lol ^_^ Love you Lindsey!
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