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Mr. X, who are you?

Just wondering...

*sighs* I wanted to talk to Lucas tonight, and hang out with him.. but yeah.. didnt work out. We talked around 7 ish and he invited me to a movie with him and a few other people. I agreed and asked him to call me when he got off work. So around 8:30 I still hadnt heard anything, and I was in my bed, and well.. I sort of drifted off to sleep untill 9:30 when I came back downstairs to find mum on the freakin internet!

GAH! she said that she wasnt on there that long.. but still.. I probably missed the phone call (if there was one, I mean) So I called him back, and no one picked up ( i figured he was at the movie by then) and when he didnt call back about 30 minutes later, I just got on-line and figured that I'd stay in for the rest of the night. Just as well anyway, I'm freakin tired. And I guess the movie they were seeing wasnt exactly that of my choice, but still. You know how it is when you just want to hang out with someone, you dont care what the hell you do, just as long as you get to be there with them. Oh well.. maybe tomorrow?

Speaking of tomorrow, I need to pick up my pictures.... will do. *sighs* alright, I'm out.
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