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Why do they huuuuuuurt? I never, stress on the never, EVER get cramps when I'm on my period.
At least they're not TOO bad, but still, they are an annoyance...

Gonna start Accutane! PRAY FOR ME b/c it's got a lot (and I mean a LOT) of cautions and side-effects to it. Imma get pretty skin! And then I'm getting off that shit, cuz it fuckin scares me.

Anyway, I swear to God I had a point to this whole journal entry. I know I was supposed to post the lyrics to Sugarcult's "Hate Every Beautiful day" But.. I dont feel like it. It's not like the lyrics have any sort of reference to my life anyway ( not at the moment, I mean), I just think it's a kick ass song!

I'm not sure if I'm mistaking the cramps in my stomach for hunger, or if I'm actually hungry...

Saw Scarey Movie 2 last night. It sucked lol.

Sable! I hope you're having a great time in LA!! or wherever the hell it is...

*sings* Stacy's mom has got it going on! something something something.. Stacy cant you see that you're not the girl for me?? I know that it might be wrong, but I'm in love with Stacy's mom!

XD Lindsey is right, that song is rather catchy!

Hmm.. this post had absolutely no relevance whatsoever... meh, oh well, my journal, not yours! XD When I think of something good to write about then I will.

OH! I saw Clerks the cartoon series today! XDDD Thanks to my partner in crime, Mac! (once again, I wish that BOTH of my partners in crime lived where I did, but I degress, Lindsey HAS to live in Illinios.. ^_^ j.j! I understand!) In all seriousness though.. Lindsey is more evil then you are Mac... after all, she is a klepto.. XD *runs away from Lindsey*

Watched Dogma!! That has to be my FAVORITE Kevin Smith movie...

Alright, I'm out!
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