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~*My life as an ice cube*~

at least untill I come up with a better name

what is there to say?

I'm pretty blunt in my journal.. and sometimes I use it as a personal response to other people. But most of the time, I use it to vent, express my happiness toward something, or just pour out my soul... (this is usually done in "private" mode. but if you're ever clever enough to find out my password, then good for you! Feel free to read what I really think about a few things lol).

Welp, I'm gonna be heading off to college soon.. I start UNT in the fall of 2003! XD

I love anime, Johnen Vasquez, Alanis Morissette and singing.. I love my friends, my family, and myself.

I'm bisexual.. so.. yeah. Dont be surprised if you hear me talking about chicks in a hey-that's-not-normal sense ^_^ lol